School Governing Council


I take this opportunity to thank our Almighty God for giving us an able Principal and providing for us working staff for they have brought us thus far in terms of academic endeavors. We are proud to thank their efforts. Our Principal is so much God fearing and always committed to do her work to perfection. I as the school president, I am proud to say that we have a mother of excellence for the good work she does. Through God’s mercies, we are optimistic that we shall go far through our constant prayerful contemplations with God everything is possible.

Not forgetting to thank all our teachers and the Board of Management for the good care they have towards us. Indiscipline cases in our school no longer have a file. All the students are motivated, not manipulated, they work to excel not to compete, and they choose to listen to their inner voices not to opinion of everyone else.

In terms of development the school has made several changes where we have a working laboratory. All students are comfortable in their classes and this is because we have enough classes making learning effective. I have tried my best together with my cabinet to led the students well hence no misbehavior in school. Not to forget, we have a computer laboratory initiated by Mr. Meshack Obwocha where students come conversant with new trends in the society.

Our Mother has also availed our teachers by providing a classis school van that has made it easy or our teachers in terms of transport.

Thanks to our adorable teachers.

Thank you and God bless you.


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