We acknowledge the Almighty God for granting us this day. We also honour the presence of our Principal Mrs. Edith Manoti for financial assistance during our preparation. We also commend our patron Mr. Peter Ongwesa for guiding us in our preparations. We also acknowledge our Chemistry teachers for guiding us all through.

It is better to understand the fundamentals of transesterification which you can learn through many ways. The bio diesel is made from ingredients and equipment can source for from individual fast food joints or restaurants and the methanol or methyl alcohol can be sourced from mechanical industries.

Bio diesel has many uses for example it is used in cleaning burning fuel and a renewable source made through a chemical reaction that relies on animal fats and vegetable oils and alcohol. It is also environmental friendly because it is less toxic that table salt. The materials used can be collected locally or from local firms.

It is used to run machinery like the posho mills or generators. You should check how the machinery runs and adjust anything hat corrodes the engine before you market the finished product.

The process of making this biodiesel is very easy and requirements can be sourced from the local firms. One needs no technical knowledge to make bio diesel. One   needs to understand the fundamentals of transesterification which we learn in different sources.

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