Mathematics Department


Mathematics department has the following teachers handling various streams in the school:

a)   Mr.Obwocha Meshack-HOD

b)   Mr.Ayieko James-------HOS

c)    Mr. Omete Ongwesa

d)   Mr.Otwori Jasper

e)   Ms.Ingado Cynthia.

Over the years, mathematics as a subject has been determining the Mean Standard score of the school(M.S.S.). Being an important subject as it is,we have ambitious programs in place running to ensure that the mean of Mathematics improves each year. Programs like Math for lunch, internal symposia, internal and external contests. Team teaching is also embraced. Besides, the department also embraces ICT integration for we have very wonderful digital content that we use in the process of teaching and learning. This content helps the learner understand/see abstract concept with ease. Equally, importantly, the learner during her free time can access the computer lab and learn/create knowledge from the safe links provided by the teachers. Finally, it is our belief that Mathematics is easy.We at the same time belief that, in mathematics, for one to succeed, you have to do do do do and when you are tired, you do, for practice makes improvement!


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